Brandon Grysko Returns to Madonna U During ‘Arctic Blast’ as Guest Speaker

I returned  to my alma mater again this year to deliver a repeat performance on the principles of negligence to a Higher Education Law and Public Policy class. Hopefully the students enjoyed the assignment as much as I did.

A good friend / Madonna University Adjunct Professor invited me to speak to his class last year. It was such a good experience that we decided to do it again this year.¬† Although I’m game to three-peat in 2020, I would like to put in an early request to hold the snow!

When everyone else is closed for the Arctic Blast, the Crusaders are just getting started!

In 2012, I graduated from Madonna University with a Criminal Justice degree. Little did I know that my degree would be one step toward a successful seven years in law enforcement, which would, in turn, ultimately lead me down the path to become an attorney.

If you need someone to talk about the law at your community, business, or school event, please reach out to me. I am always happy to share my experiences with these groups as a way of giving back and spreading cheer. Inevitably, I always learn something new* when I do these speaking engagements.

*In this instance, I learned about low literacy rates among deaf students and adults from a deaf-education teacher.

Yea, that’s about 9 inches of snow that I could have done without!

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